Fishing Anderson Inlet


Fishing Anderson Inlet

Spring and early Summer is a great time to catch quality fish in Anderson Inlet. As the dirty water line moves back up the Inlet towards the Tarwin River, the incoming blue water from the ocean brings in a variety of species that will make the Inlet their home for warmer months.

The more consistent weather will increase the water temperature inside the inlet to reach its peak in February of about 22C. Many anglers target the King George Whiting for its eating quality and come into the inlet from Flatrocks. In October, the majority of fish are just legal size but will feed hard to get to 40 plus cm in January. They will make the weed-beds home. Land-based anglers can target them at the end of Abbott St, from the beach at the end of Pimple Ave and at Mahers Landing off the shell bank. (in front of the A Frame House). Boaters can also target them at Stevies Gutter, in the main channel at the Inverloch Boat Hire and at the bottom of the Horse Shoe at Doyles Rd. Kayakers can move into the shallow water and fish the weed-beds at Pimple Ave as well as the other areas that the boaters target them. Peak fishing times are around the slack tide preferably the low tide. Best Bait is live bass yabbies that can be pumped at the mouth of Screw Creek or on the sandbars at low tide. Fresh Pipi can be collected from the Venus Bay Beaches in the wet sand at low water. Frozen pipi, beach worm and squid strips will also produce very good results. Refer our Bait Tips Blog. 

The Pinkie Snapper season in Anderson Inlet commences a couple of weeks later than Western Port. From Melbourne Cup weekend onwards is the best time to start targeting them. Good reports of catches outside will come first. Then as the water temperature increases, history tells us to start to target them at Mahers Landing and the bottom of the Horseshoe in late November and early December. Juvenile fish will be caught when fishing Stevies Gutter for whiting. The larger fish 3kg plus will hole-up to the left of Mahers Landing and move through the horseshoe around the large sandbar. Late in December, you will be able to target them further up the Inlet off the green buoys through to the Golf Tee. Running sinker is still the preferred rig with a metre long leader to a maximum hook size of 4/0 octopus or octopus circle. While fishing for snapper, you are also putting yourself in a good position to target gummy shark. The best baits for snapper in Anderson Inlet are whole pilchards, US Squid, octopus rings and legs. Add some fresh salmon or trevally fillets and you are set for a great trip on both species. Peak fishing times are first and last light with an incoming tide.