Surf Fishing South Gippsland


Surf Fishing South Gippsland

Wed, 08/29/2012 - 16:50 -- admin
Surf Fishing South Gippsland

After a big low and a good blow, the run of Australian Salmon will follow the colder water close to shore along the beaches from Kilcunda to Venus Bay.

So it’s time to dust of the cobwebs of your surf fishing gear and get ready for the time of your life battling 2kg plus fish.

The premium time to fish is two hours either side of the tide. Expect a lull around the peak in the tide.

The paternoster rig is the ideal set up. The preferred hook size is a Size 1 Long Bait Holder. Or alternatively, attach blue or chartreuse surf poppers with small pieces of blue bait or squid strips. Sinker weight will range from 2 to 6 ounce depending on the day and you can choose from star, bomb or torpedo shapes.

Use a bait bucket around your waist and have a small tackle box of only your surf fishing requirements. Sand gets into everything!

After fishing the surf beaches for 20 years, these are my top six tips to help you enjoy surf fishing and improve your catch.

  1. Check all the functionality of your gear…guides on rods, line rollers and basic operation of your reels. Replace your line at the beginning of each season. Inspect all lure trebles for rusting and replace.
  2. View the beach formations at low tide and identify the holes and gutters. You will now know the casting distance required on the high water.
  3. Always take a lighter second rod for lure casting. It allows you to test all of the gutters and white water between your longest cast and your feet for the fish feeding zone. It will surprise you how close to shore the fish will come.
  4. Follow the Anglers Almanac for the predicted best fishing days. Major fish feeding activity is around your full moon and after your new moon.
  5. Use metal rod holders (rather than PVC) as you will be able to bait up while keeping your reel away from the sand.
  6. Rug up, keep dry and remember to never turn your back on the surf.