Hobie Pro Angler 14 - 2016


Hobie Pro Angler 14 - 2016

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Whether it’s a day of drift casting, dry flying, or exploring new saltwater haunts, the boat’s super-stable, standing-friendly, rotomolded polyethylene hull encourages all styles of fishing. The Pro Angler 14’s feature-laden deck packs the essentials—from an easy-to-reach center hatch, to the fully adjustable Vantage ST Seat, to stowage for multiple Plano® tackle boxes—for years of blissful fishing. Also includes a retractable tracking keel and H-Rail mounting system.

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 13' 8" / 4.17 m
  • Width: 38" / .97 m
  • Capacity: 600 lbs / 272 kg
  • Vantage Seat Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 110 lbs / 49.9 kg *
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 138 lbs / 62.6 kg *
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene


Height is the maximum height of the boat at any location, while it is laying flat on the ground.

Fitted Hull Weight: includes all standard features that are permanently attached, e.g. hatches, handles, rudder, hardware.

Fully Rigged Weight: includes all standard features that are permanently attached, plus all other standard features that are removable, e.g. MirageDrive, seat, paddles, gear bucket, water bottle, cassette plug, PA (removable liner), Islands (sail, amas, akas, daggerboard).

  • Livewell
  • Plug-in cart
  • Aluminum Trailex trailer
  • eVolve Electric Motor
Avaiable Colours: 
Yellow                  Dune                     Olive
All Colors, Graphics and Specifications are subject to change without notice


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