Free 1 Hour Hobie Test Drive


Free 1 Hour Hobie Test Drive

Rod Bending's World is a Hobie Dealer. We use Hobie Kayaks. Hobie has developed kayaks that are stable, comfortable and have hull designs that suit the recreational kayaker.

Also Hobie has designed the Mirage Drive pedal system that allows use your feet and be hands free. Pedal, Paddle or Sail your Hobie Kayak.

Take a look our Inverloch made Videos that discuss many aspects of recreational kayaking. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

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Anderson Inlet, Inverloch is a water sports Mecca. Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing, Swimming, Snorkeling and a great beach to have fun. At Rod Bending's World in Inverloch, Recreational Kayaking is our specialty. There is no better way to spend a day than taking you for a test drive in a Hobie Kayak on Anderson Inlet.

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A customer asked a question of me at our shop in Inverloch last week……….”I‘ve seen a lot about these Hobie Kayaks on the water. What makes them so special?”

 This question took me back to when I first purchased my first Hobie Kayak in 2005.

“You can Pedal, Paddle and Sail. The sit on top kayak is comfortable, stable, easy to paddle, pedal if you want to be hands free and a heap of fun”, I replied. “My young family has now grown up with Hobie Kayaks and enjoy every experience and adventure we have in them.”

I showed him the Pedal Drive which allows you to kayak hands free(Hobie Mirage Drive). This is how it works.


We took a look over the kayak, and I explained the features

  • Hull construction…..sit on top kayak
  • Hi back adjustable seat with inflatable lumbar support.
  • Twist and Stow Rudder System
  • Carrying handles
  • Storage… hull, stowage pockets and cargo area
  • Drink holder
  • Two piece paddle
  • Gear Bucket
  • Rod holders

I introduced him to the Kayak Buyers Guide. He answered a few questions and we discussed his options. There was two models that would suit his needs.  We discussed the attributes of each and each model would suit his desired application. The next step was to compare them on the water. We organized a suitable time to test drive them on Anderson Inlet Inverloch.

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Check out some recent photos from our test drive days.




Hobie has revolutionized kayaking and their innovation has considered all your needs for recreational kayaking.


Recreational Paddle Kayaking. Try Before You Buy!

Paddling a kayaking is a great way to get fit, have an engaging family experience or just for a new on water activity to share with friends. There are a lot of questions you may feel you need to answer before you buy your first paddle kayak. So where do you start?

Every paddle kayak is designed for a specific purpose and the Rod Bending kayak experience is all about recreation. A lot of fun and a little bit of bit of fitness.

Rod Bending’s World use, recommend and sell Hobie Kayaks. Recreation is our specialty.

Also, to help will all the questions buzzing around in your head, fill out our Rod Bending's  Kayak Buyers Guide. Your answers will ensure the kayak(s) you test drive will best suit your needs. 

From your completed buyers guide, we will recommend suitable models to test drive.

An on water experience on Anderson Inlet, Inverloch with ROD BENDING’S WORLD will cover………...


Have a need to be hands free. Fishing, photography or just fun!

Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal Kayaking. Try Before You Buy!

The Hobie Mirage Drive Series of Kayaks allows you to be hands free to persue a wider range of activities from your kayaking adventures. It can introducing your kids and family  to on water activities or fishing with friends or photography or a full body workout. Experience the comfort, stability and the ease the Hobie Mirage Drive allows you to move  through the water.

An on water experience on Anderson Inlet, Inverloch with ROD BENDING’S WORLD will cover………...

Thank you for watching.


Kayak Buyers Guide

(Include the weight of the people and gear you wish to carry?)