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Australia's first cartoon fishing legend comes alive

Rod Bending was created 9 years ago while I was having beers with myself. Then Declan Hallinan created the logo and together we put together two kids fishing story books.

Based on Dec's original artworks and working with Kelly Lynagh of BigKidz Entertainment, Rod Bending comes alive on the small screen! New adventures, new characters and a cast-net full of naughty sea creatures.

Above you can view a sneak preview of our submission for commercial television. Share it with friends, family and most of all, your kids! If you enjoy it, please let us know by clicking LIKE in either facebook or youtube.

Download the full Animation Bible

Thanks, David Walsh

Download the full Animation Bible

Short Synopsis

Bonni and Arthur are two city loving kids who're told they're spending their school holidays with their uncle, Rod Bending, helping out in his fishing shop in the small town of Wannabee Bay.

They're convinced this will be the most boring holiday ever, not to mention fishing bait stinks! It seems though that the coastal creatures have known Rod for such a long time they treat him like family and love to create mischeif whenever he's around.

With the help of Uncle Rod and their new friend, Wannabee local girl Bella, they soon discover how bizarre and vibrant underwater life can be. And, if you throw a few naughty crabs and yabbies in for good measure it could become the best holiday they're ever had.

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