Trailer Options for Kayaks 24th March 2014


Trailer Options for Kayaks 24th March 2014

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 08:56 -- David Walsh

Simple multiple kayak transportation solutions makes your whole on water experience more enjoyable.


Here are few of the options from Rod Bending's World.


Hobie Trailer Base unit with 13' wheels $1699  (Option of short or long draw bar)

Double Stack Unit       $195

Thriple Stack Bars      $155

Cradles for Pro Anglers or Adventure Island, or Tandem     $298.99

Hobie Kayak Pads     From $46.99



Shown in pictures 1 and 2.



Savage Single Kayak (below) $1699 with the covered skids for easy loading and kayak protection.




Savage Double Kayak Trailer (below) $1999. Can carry two Hobie Pro Anglers side by side.


Hobie Double Stack Trailer with Pro Angler Cradles and an Otback on top.


Hobie Trailer with Outback on the bottom and Oasis up top.