Anzac Day Long Week-End Land-Based Fishing Opportunities 21/4/2016

21 Apr 2016

The great fishing in Anderson Inlet continues through this warm and stable weather for April.

Landbased, Pensioners Point is producing Trevally to 40cm taking Bluebait on the running tide, Flathead to 45cm on Pilchards and Squid. Although the numbers of Whiting has reduced, the size is consistantly 35-38cm Best baits are Worm, Pipi, Mussel, Squid Strips and Live Bass Yabbies.

Mahers Landing is the area to target Gummy shark and Elephant Fish. The full moon of the 22nd makes the week-end a prime time to target them. Fresh baits, a good berley trail and fishing the  2 hours either side of the high tide should see results come your way.

The lower reaches of the Tarwin River is very salty for this time of year. Take some pilchards, white or blue bait and worm are get set to get into some great action. Fishing the incoming tide, Trevally to 40cm. Pinkies in the 35-36 as well the odd Gummy Shark and Elephant Fish moving into rhe mouth of the river up to the Rockwall. Also along the bank using live Bass Yabbies under a float, Estuary Perch are taking baits and soft plastics on the outgoing tide.

If you are interested in a walk in the Point Smyth Reserve, Stevies Gutter is also producing Whiting to 40cm, Trevally, Flathead, Mullet and Salmon to 35cm. Take a mix of baits including Pipi, Squid Strips, Worm and Live Bass Yabbies to maximize your catch. Around the high and low tides is the peak periods.

Outside the entrance to Anderson Inlet, large schools of Australian Salmon are moving from Cape Patterson to Flatrocks, so be prepared with lures as they can enter the Inlet on any tide.

Not fimiliar with the area, download our Land-Based Fishing Map.

Enjoy the week-end and keep safe!