Autumn Fishing 2018

24 Apr 2018

A stable pattern of weather pattern has ensured Anderson Inlet continues with a great variety of fish to be caught.

Mahers Landing is the pick of land based options with trevally to 45cm, flathead to 50cm and whiting to 35cm  around the low tide. Best Baits include pilchards, US squid stripped and pipi. As we progress into the cooler months, larger trevally will be pound for pound a great fish to target.

Fishing after dark around the new and full moons, gummy shark to 1.2 metre are taking fresh fish fillets, US Squid and pilchards on the changing tide.

With the limited rainfall and warm water conditions, don't be surprised to continue finding pinkies to 40cm and elephant fish cruising the channels.

Schools of Australian salmon have come in on the tides. Although only in the 35-40 cm range, plenty of fun to be had spinning metal lures either from the bank or trolling whilst in your kayak or boat.

The estuary perch have pushed up the Tarwin River. Best to start targeting from the road bridge up and the best fishing is always on the run out tide. If you wish to fishing surface lures in the snags, pick overcast days or fish the shadows created by the trees. On sunny days fish deeper and because of the high salt content in the river, a by catch of good sized flathead is possible.

The Venus Bay islands is producing school sized estaury perch to 32cm as well as decent sized flathaed and trevally in the holes before you exit the islands up into the inlet.

The surf beaches of Venus Bay has started to produce schools of salmon around the high tide using blue and white bait. The holes and gutter formation is producing good sized gummy shark after dark on the beginning of the run out tide. Check the beaches out at low tide to identify the deepest holes to fish and if you wish to use berley, to be effective, only release it on the run out tide.