Bait Tips 1. Pipi.

31 Aug 2012

Getting the most out of your Pipis. Pipis are the most versatile bait for estuary and beach fishing. They are a soft bait with a strong scent.

But pipis have become the most expensive bait. And many small mouthed fish have no trouble at all in stealing this bait.

Some anglers use the bait cocktail, thin strips of squid with the pipi positioned towards the tip of the hook. This works but the pipi can still be removed by bait thieves.

Considering the scent of pipis is what attracts the fish, lets try to maximize the use of it's juices that are normally at the bottom of the bucket.

Using both thoughts, try this 3-4 hours before your fishing trip.

  • Firstly cut squid into 3" strips and tenderize. Lay frozen pipi on top. As they defrost, the juice will marinate the squid strips.
  • As with the cocktail, put the marinated squid on the hook first.
  • Cut your pipis in half and place a small piece on the tip of the hook with the barb exposed.
  • Remember to break up the used pipi shells and use as berley. 

Let me know what you think.


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