Close Up look at the Hobie Linx

22 Jun 2022

The Hobie Linx was introduced to the Hobie range in 2021. So what was the thinking behind this model and why is it going to be a Kayak to consider when evaluating which model is right for you?


(Linx shown with the after market Bimini)

The construction is designed to be lightweight and robust. In simple terms, a solid foam core with two fibreglass wraps, a thermoformed skin with reinforcing in seating and standing areas and an additional wrap for rail protection. This means a car topping hull weight of under 22 kg. (prior to the Linx, the lightest kayak in the Mirage Drive range was just under 30kg). The low profile design allows for two to be stacked on top of each other. (If car topping two, a yoga mat between the two will provide additional protection against rubbing but I would recommend a cover for each).


The sleek bow design and low profile hull (maximum depth 23cm) means low drag and optimal speed. The Linx is very nimble and maneuverable.


The Linx is a Hybrid kayak...great stability when standing so it can be comfortable used as a paddle board as well.




The breathable mesh seating provides adjustable comfort and standard with the MD180 with Kick Up Fins gives you the most up to date pedal system. (Turbo Fin upgrades are available)


The steering handle can be fitted on either side of the chair depending whether you are left and right hand.


On the opposite side to the steering handle, you can fit your drink holder.


For transport and storage, the easily removed rudder system takes seconds to remove.


The longer rudder blade ensures great tracking and turning in tight waterways.


The MD 180 (forward and reverse) has kick up fins when the water clarity doesn't allow you to see what is underneath you.


Lowrence Ready for fish finder installation and tracks fitted for a variety of accessories, the Linx is fishing friendly.

Make sure you consider the Linx when you are looking for a light weight hands free pedal kayak.

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