Drone View of Anderson Inlet. 9th June 2016

06 Jun 2016

With Salmon Season underway, we were fortunate to have some great weather to send up a Drone up last week.

The purpose  to show the best land-based options to fish with a better understanding of the changing sand bars and channels.

The salmon schools are  moving in on the tides following large bait schools. So where are the best locations to reach when spinning lures and bait fishing?

Our first photo below shows Pensioners Point view towards the Entrance to Anderson Inlet. You will also notice the Lagoon (right hand side) has only a small channel feeding tidal water into it. When the lagoon is cut off from incoming tides, it struggles to maintain enough oxygen in the water for fish to survive. Combined with heavy rainfall, the water flow from the creeks pushes the stagnant water into the lagoon hence the lack of oxygen and the stink. Hopefully a big SW blow will open it up again and this area will produce good sized trevally, bream, flathead and garfish at night.

The main channel is hugging the coast line appears as if it is deepening in the westerly direction as it approaches the bar. Fingers crossed the channel may push through the bar.

West of the rocks, a sand spit has formed and this is the perfect land based option to spin for the Salmon on the half rising tide. The shallow areas around the rocks will allow flathead to hide from the tide and is a solid area to use soft plastics.


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Out second view is easterly from Pensioners Point pass the Yacht Club towards the Jetty. The channel cuts in close to the shore for great land based on the rising tide. Take note of the areas of structure (darker areas) to avoid donating your lures to the sea gods or locals who dive for them at low tide. These areas of structure will be prime areas too target whiting and squid in the warmer months.

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The third view is from Pimble Ave west  towards the Anderson Inlet Angling Club and the mouth of Screw Creek. Although the channel seems very shallow, from our kayak journeys there are drop offs up to 4 metres at high tide. Last year, the salmon became trapped in this area. Being inside the 'No Boating Buoys', land based anglers had sessions on fish to 2 kg. You can see the tip of the weed beds in the lower left corner of the photo, so avoid this area and move east from Tea Tree Point (shadow area on the beach) to bait fish and cast for Salmon. Also don't be suprised if you catch some good sized flathead along this stretch as  the Flathead will find the deeper drop offs to feed out of the current.

Further east towards the mouth of Screw Creek is where you pump Bass Yabbies at low tide. You can also walk out to fish the channel  that leads up to Stevies Gutter and Mahers Landing. You will see boats trolling in this area and the salmon will generally pass through this area searching out bait fish schools. A prime bottom of the tide land based options.

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I hope this will give you a good insight to Inverloch land based fishing the inlet and I look forward to all comments. With salmon schools, the bird life smashing the water will always show when the salmon are feeding aggressively so keep a look out for this activity.