Fishing Report and Opportunities Inverloch and Venus Bay Queens Birthday Week-End June 2014

04 Jun 2014

 Inverloch, Venus Bay, Fishing Report and Opportunities.

Queen’s Birthday Week-End June 2014.

The forecast for the long week-end is better than expected. Cool, approx 16 degrees. Apart from Saturday afternoon (18-22 knots SW), the rest of the week-end will have light winds of 3-8 knots from E-SE. Rain Saturday easing over Sunday with Monday clear.

Tides….Low tide is around the middle of the day and high tides are before and after light.

Anderson Inlet


Australian Salmon…head across to the main channel over at the Snags. Troll or spin 25-35 gram metal lures against the edges of the channels around the high tide. The size range is from 1 kg to 3 kg. If you choose to fish baits, the best are blue bait, small squid strips and pilchard fillets.

Trevally…..launch at Mahers Landing. Work the channel east of the boat ramp and through the Horseshoe to Doyles Rd on the Venus Bay side. Best baits white bait, pilchard pieces and fillets. This is also the pick of the spots to target Gummy Shark. Fresh trevally fillet on a running sinker is the best method.

Estuary Perch….Screw Creek, Venus Bay Islands and the Tarwin River have been producing quality fish on soft plastics and hard body lures.

In the Tarwin River, school fish are moving with the tide. Fish the run out tide above the highway bridge to target the bigger Estuary Perch. Try casting at the openings of the drains and at one off snags.

At the Anderson Inlet end of Screw Creek, around the footbridge, the Estuary Perch are feeding hard at first and last light.  Neutral colored soft plastics fished deep and bright colored hard bodies off the surface.

Between the Venus Bay Islands is the hot spot for kayakers, with fish to 40 cm taking soft plastics. Use natural colors, fish deep and slow.

Flathead…. Fish to 40cm are being caught bottom fishing on the drift with bait or soft plastics around the weed-beds east of the jetty. Also, fishing the edges of the main channels throughout the Inlet is very productive.



Pensioners Point is the hot spot for land based anglers. The best time has been within 2 hours of the high tide. Bait fishing and lure fishing is producing Salmon to 2 kg. Pay attention to the surface activity. Inside the small bay east of Pensioners Point, larger Whiting are about the weed beds taking Live Bass Yabbies, beach worm and pipi. The jetty is producing trevally, mullet and salmon on the running tide with white and blue bait, pipi and squid being the best of the baits.

At Mahers Landing, the large winter Trevally are about around the high tide. Also good sized Estuary Perch are feeding in the shallows and have been caught on live bass yabbies to many anglers’ surprise. The early evening high tides make Mahers Landing your premium Gummy Shark spot. Fish on the eastern side of the boat ramp near the red buoy. Use saury, whole pilchards, US squid or fresh trevally fillets on a running sinker rig.

On the Venus Bay side, Doyles Rd is producing good sized flathead and the occasional Gummy Shark on the high tide. The Whiting at Stevies Gutter and the Snags have been quieter which is usual for this time year but it is now the time to start to target the Salmon as the schools will move through the main channel along this side. Spinning metal lures will allow you to travel light and cover the ground required to locate the schools.

With the Inverloch Jetty being very busy over the long week-end, the beaches east of the boat-ramp (opposite Pimple Ave through to the big 4 Caravan Park) will provide a safe environment for the family to fish. Trevally, mullet, whiting, flathead and salmon can be caught off the beach using blue bait, squid strips, beach worm or prawns on a paternoster (2 hook) rig.



Tarwin River

The fishing platforms and the rock-wall are the favorite locations on the Tarwin River for a family fishing adventure. Trevally, mullet and salmon are moving upstream on the incoming tide with white bait, beach worm, pipi and prawn the best of the baits. Fishing the run out tide, Estuary Perch and Bream are the quality fish to be caught. Spinning soft plastics (grub and wriggler designs) is a great way to target these fish and to keep warm. Allow the soft plastic to get to the bottom. Twitch and retrieve slowly.


Venus Bay Surf.

Schools of Salmon are moving from the holes and running along the beach gutters late on the incoming tide. Over the last few days, bigger salmon to 3.5 kg have been caught on bait and lures. Pilchards, blue bait and squid strips are essential baits. I would suggest you take two combos to the beach. A 10-12’ combo for you to bait fish and a lighter 9’ combo to spin lures. Your range of metal lures should include weights from 25 -50 gram and a range of colors.

You can also fish your bait and spin your lures to the side of the bait. The activity created by the lure can attract the schools towards your bait.

The early evening high tides are perfect for Gummy Shark Fishing and with the big schools of salmon in the gutters, there is no excuse not to be using fresh fillets as bait. Fish the deeper holes on Beach 1, 3 and 4, (view the formations at low tide during the day) and release your berley at the beginning of the run out tide.


Keep Warm and Have Fun!



If you are not familar with the locations in the report, please view or download our locational fishing guides.