Great Fishing Times for Kids on Anderson Inlet 28th October 2014

28 Oct 2014

Long weekends and school holidays during Spring and Summer are the times to get outdoors with the kids and have adventures.

Kids are having a great time fishing Anderson Inlet, Inverloch. On the safe protected beaches, there are a variety of species to catch during the Spring. Around the high tide, Flathead, Australian Salmon, Trevally and Mullet are taking pipi, beach worm, pilchard pieces and blue-bait. You can fish along any of the sandy beaches from Pensioners Point back to the mouth of Screw Creek.

As the tide turns to run out, this is the time to target the bigger flathead that will be on the move back into the channels. They cannot resist a feast of pilchard fillets or pieces of delicious blue-bait.

At the bottom of of the tide (low tide), this is where the fun begins. Grab a bait pump and head to the sand flats of Screw Creek and pump live bass yabbies. These mischievous little creatures with the one big claw are the best bait for whiting. If you don't have time to pump yabbies, use the "Whopper Beach Worm" from the store to catch your dinner of King George Whiting. The best areas to land-based fish for these shy creatures are the weed beds east of the jetty, the broken ground behind the yacht club or in the new lagoon that has formed at the entrance to the Inlet at Point Norman.


Check out our great gallery of local and visiting kids fishing with their families. And some are even catching bigger fish than their parents.

Remember to keep your HOOKS SAFE, bring a hat and wear sunscreen.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the locations, check the link to our Kids Fishing Adventure Map. There is a heap of exciting activities to be done.