Great Fishing Times for Kids in Inverloch 15th Decenber 2015

15 Dec 2015

When the weather starts to get some consistency, like the big high that is settling over Victoria, it's time to tell the kids to stick the electronic devises up the proverbial, and GET OUTSIDE!!!!! Some much to do when the weather is good.

The Inverloch Jetty is proving very productive at all tides with famillies catching a variety of species including flathead, mullet. salmon, luderick, leather jacket and the odd trevally.

Best baits are pipi (using the crushed shells as berley), cured worm, blubait and squid strips.

As Anderson Inlet is a Recreational Fishing Reserve, no commercial activities are permitted. But as recreational anglers, you are able to collect live bait. Using a bait pump and walking the sand flats at low tide out the front of foreshore camping ground ( near the mouth of Screw Creek) you will have a bait that will improve your chances of catching a quality fish for dinner.

If there is a lot of activity on the jetty, there are many other land-based fishing options along the beach and you can use our Kids Fishing and Adventure Guide for these and heaps of other activities to make your stay fun!



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