Great Salmon Run off the Beach at Inverloch 4th August 2016

04 Aug 2016

Well, all the planets aligned following the New Moon this week.

A high barometer reading around 1030, overcast conditions and a light southerly breeze. And the Australian Salmon didn't disappoint.

Spinning lures off the beach east of the Jetty towards the Mouth of Screw Creek produced fish to 60cm a couple of hours either side of the high tide. Blue bait patterns were the most successful pattern of lure.

Waders are a must as the tide starts to run out, you will need to walk out further to reach the school.

This week-end has very favourable weather predictions, high tides are mid afternoon, so grab your spinning gear to have some fun.

The photo below shows the weed-bed, so fish on the eastern side (top side).