Hobie Mirage Drive GT Upgrade

11 May 2015

The performance of the 2015 GT (Glide Performance) Mirage Drive has impressed all customers who have purchased the new 2015 series of Hobie Kayaks.

Today, we upgraded a 2009 Pro Angler 14 Mirage Drive.

Now this drive has had a hard life and done many hours of work on the water including 5 years of Bream and Bass Tournament Fishing.

So our job is do a full service and bring the drive up to date...with 2015 Glide Technology.

The parts we will need.

1x 81123001 Idler Pully GT @ $9.99

2 x 81175001 Drum GT @ $49.99 each

2 x  81127001 Sprocket GT Threaded (with fwd Guard) @ $27.99 each

Now , a complete strip down of the Mirage Drive. Discard parts to be replaced.

Image removed.

And in this case, bent masts of the Turbo Fins will be replaced. 2 x 81198101 Mast V2 Threaded @ $26.99 each.


Then we wash all parts in hot soapy water and inspect the integrety of the shafts as this will be crucial to the performance of the new components with plastic bearings. In this case, the pully shaft and the sprocket shaft are in very good condition, but the drum shaft is well worn and will need replacing.( you can see a step down in the photo).  1 x 81090001 Drum Shaft $18.99

Image removed.

Now all parts are lubed and greased as the Mirage Drive is re-assembled. First the Idler pully, then the sprockets and finally the drums and chain assembly.

The process took just over an hour.

The cost of the upgrade.

Parts including new drum shaft and masts $238.92

Labour                                                                  $ 60.00

Total                                                                      $298.92


Call Rod Bendings on 03 56743322 to order the parts you require to upgrade or book your drive in for the full makeover.