Hobie Pro Angler 14 fitted with a Torqeedo Ultra Light 403.

24 Nov 2014

When Jeff Findlay was considering electric motor options for his Hobie Pro Angler 14, he still wanted to be able to use the mirage drive in shallow water. He was impressed with all of the attributes of the Hobie Evolve motor from Torqeedo, lightweight, lithium waterproof battery, remote throttle with magnetic key connection, built in GPS with trip information and battery life and complete waterproof  in-hull wiring. But he would still be required to remove the motor and replace it with the mirage drive. So during his research he can across the Torqeedo UltraLight 403.

The UltraLight 403 will be fitted on the stern of the kayak so as to allow the Hobie Mirage Drive to remain in the drive well. The factory provided ball mount allowed for easy installation and the motor can be raised in shallow water by the use of a pulley and cleat mounted beside the seat. (you can also use this cleat to tie off when using reverse)

We also extended the existing rudder cables to the motor. The rudder will turn in conjunction with the Hobie steering system.

We mounted the remote throttle to the rail of the kayak along side the fishfinder.

The battery is stored in hull under the seat and with the in hull wiring, all existing fittings remain completely operational. (i.e sounders, rod holders, cargo storage etc)

We enjoyed the challenge of the first fitting of the Ultralight 403 to the Hobie Pro Angler 14 and can see the benefits it will bring to Jeff's fishing experiences.


Footnote: The magnetic kill switch on the motor provides the user with ultimate safety and is a requirement by law on all electric motors fitted to kayaks.