Hobie Trailers for Kayaks

 Hobie supply a light-weight trailer made to Australian specifications. This trailer is ideal for your the longer kayaks such as the Hobie Oasis and by fitting the correct cradles,

 the Single or Hobie Tandem Adventure Island can be managed with ease.

Customizing your trailer will allow you to double and triple stack multiple kayaks as shown in the pictures. 

Recent customers, Jo and Andrew immediately purchased an Outback and Quest 11 and will be taking delivery a Red Adventure Island closer to summer. The trailer is fitted with the AI cradles on the bottom and by customizing the trailer with the triple stack they can carry the entire family's kayaks.

In my opinion, the Hobie trailer is too long for the PA's or even the Hobie Outfitter. There are better options such as the Dubier 4 metre Nipper with a shorter draw bar. And this trailer can also be fitted with stacking bars to carry multiple kayaks.

As of January 2013, Hobie have introduced a shorter drawbar to suit the Outfitter, Oasis, PA's, Revo's, and Outbacks.

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Priced as fitted in the pictures.

Hobie Trailer with Triple Stack Bars   $1850

Adventure Island Cradles                    $242

Kayak Pads                                            $55.99 each

Tie Down straps                                    $21.99 each


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