Recent Hobie Fishing Fit-Outs Revolution 13

27 Mar 2020

Richard purchased the Hobie Oasis Tandem Kayak with a Fish Finder fitted from us in 2014. Now he was using the tandem kayak more as a single than a tandem. It became too much to handle on his own and using a tandem kayak in single mode always has it's compromises.So, through our website section for X-Demo, Clearance,& Used Kayaks, Richard sold his tandem.

Now time to purchase a single. Richard's passion was to fish and his partner still wanted a kayak for a recreational pedal and paddle.

He did his research and was sold on the Revolution 13 as he was not looking for a kayak to stand up and sight fish. Still in the same family of hull shapes as the Oasis, the Revolution 13 was perfect for the waterways he wished to use it on.

Richard has a trailer to transport for regular use but also from time to time when travelling, he needed to car-top the kayak upside down (less wind noise and the cockpit is always clean no matter where you go.

Also for fishing, he wanted rod holders, a 5" Fish-Finder, (as we all need a bigger screen with our diminishing eye sight as we past 60) and an anchoring system to deploy a drift chute for soft plastic fishing or position yourself to bait fish a weed bed.

Taking all of this into consideration, we made our recommendations.

Firstly, the waterways Richard wanted to use the kayak had strong currents, we said, upgrade to the larger rudder. This upgrade has multi-purposes. Better traction in swell, better tracking  across wind and holds a good line under anchor.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


Secondly, all fitting must be easily removed for recreational use and to easily car-top when required.

So the plan was to use the RailBlaza Expanda Track and Ram 1 1/2" Track Balls. This modular tracking system fits the narrow rails of the Revolution 13. Positioning?

When fitting a kayak out for fishing (or any other purpose), safety has to be in the forefront of our planning. Oh No! The unmentionable happens, you go for a swim. There must always be a side of the kayak clear of accessories for the graceful (yeah, sure) re-entry). So, we fit the tracks for Ram Tube Rod Holders behind the seat. This works well for trolling, bait fishing and re arming when changing rigs or from soft to hard baits. Also, you can stand them up to your reels dry if you are travelling through some sloppy water. The rod holders work like gun holsters and recommend rod leashes when trolling.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


Fish Finder to the right with the battery pack in the rear hatch using BerleyPro Batterang Battery Mount . (this way if you choose to purchase a front hatch liner down the track, the liner can still fit snugly in the hatch). Also, 5" screens and larger require the 1 1/2" Ram Track Balls to ensure the screen is stable.The screen can be tilted down if you need to paddle through the shallows or when launching and retrieving from the beach.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


With the rod holders mounted behind the seat, the cart can be secured further back on the kayak under the rear bungee.I heading out in to open water, I would suggest you have an additional leash to secure the cart.

The cart positioning allows for a H-Crate, cooler bag or esky to be used that are within reach when sitting sideways.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


Anchor trolley fitted to the left hand side with a stainless steel clip and cleat installed beside the map pocket.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


A great looking and very functional recreational and fishing kayak.

Hobie Revolution 13 Fit-Out


Now Richard, go catch some fish! (when we are allowed out)


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