Salmon off the beaches at Inverloch 4th June 2015

04 Jun 2015

After being teased for the last month or so, a solid run of salmon came close to the Inverloch shoreline at Pensioners Point.

The schools outside are in the vancinity of 3 kg and up to 65cm and having been moving from Cape Paterson towards the mouth of Andersons Inlet.

Today, just after the high tide, fish to just under 2 kg were landed on metal lures. The best being the Searock Ultra Flash 40gram in pilchard.

The Ol' Boys have been waiting and were well reward for their patience. And fortunately, caught the fish before the storm came through.

A good forecast for the week-end and afternoon high tides will ensure the beaches are shoulder to shoulder with punters.

Have a fish filled long week-end.