Salmon come in after SW Blow 16th July 2015

15 Jul 2015

It finally happened...after a good blow from the South West and some seriously good swell which all the surfers have enjoyed.

From first light today, trevally were hooked in big numbers again. As it got closer to high tide, the schools as salmon could be seen in the shallows and the game changed.

Bait rigs were removed and the spinning started. What a session at Pensioners Point! But it didn't stop there. Next the boats that had braved the extremely cold conditions were rewarded with fish 1.8kg in the main channel off Townsend Bluff. (along from the mouth of screw Creek)

The school then moved over the sand-bar through the shallows out the front of the Inverloch Angling Club and headed west up the channel towards the Inverloch Jetty.

The anglers on jetty got amongst it and fish to 1.5 kg were hooked casting east towards the weedbed.

Pictured above is young Ashleigh who hooked and landed this 900 gram Salmon when fishing in the boat in the main channel off Townsend Buff. Her favorite lure was a Smith's Jig.

Her father James and her Pop Gordon had to raise their standards to keep up with Ash's great efforts. They bagged 12 to 1.6kg.

With a good forecast for the week-end at this point, grap your spinning gear and have a crack at the salmon along the beaches at Inverloch.