Salmon Secrets...Metal Lures 3rd May 2014

03 May 2014

Spinning for Salmon on 4-6 kg outfits off the inlet beaches is great fun and also keeps you warm on these bitter days.

This is the Searock 25 gram lure that is producing the best results. Notice the "glow in the dark" belly of the lure. Cahrged with a UV light, this lure will be very effective fishing around the dirty water on first and last lights.

If you catch and release, I would suggest you change the trebles over to single hooks such as the Gamakatsu  Single Lure Hooks.

You may also have pearl colored Lazer Lures or other metal slugs in pearl/white that can be equally effective.

Also when spinning is not producing the results, I suggest you try salt water flies. This additional color trailing off the lure may be all that is needed to entice the fish to have a crack at your lure. This is very similar to the success of surf poppers  when fishing in the surf.