Salmon Time on Venus Bay Beaches 21st May 2015

22 May 2015

The gutter formation along the Venus Bay Beaches is deep and within casting distance from the high tide mark.

Schools of salmon are moving along the gutters throughout the tides.

Best baits are blue bait and pilchard fillets. If using poppers, tip with a strip of squid.

If it's quiet on the baits, try spinning metal lures along side your baits. You will cast further and the lure action may bring the salmon in. Also it can indicated whether the salmon are moving along the gutters or in the whitewash.

This week-end of stable weather with light SW winds and the SW swell dropping under a metre, is prime time to target the salmon. The late afternoon high tides can turn into an opportunity to target guumy sharks after dark on the run out tide using fresh salmon fillets as bait.

Enjoy the weekend.