Salmon Update 26/7/2018

25 Jul 2018

Well, winter and South Gippsland is turning it on as it does. So rug up and hit the beaches, both Inlet and Surf.

Venus Bay has been very productive on the in-coming tide through the high and for a couple of hours of hours of the run out. (you can have a quiet period at the top of the tide but don't leave too early as the bite can continue.

Each of the beaches has good hole and gutter formations.

Here are photos of each beach taken yesterday. Notice the very high afternoon low tide as we approach the full moon.

Beach 1 to the left of the ramp. Great fish caught as the tide gets over the back sandbar.

Surf Fishing Venus Bay

Beach 4 has a long gutter running close to shore and a second gutter close behind with an extra 30 metre cast. Definitely have a crack with a 60 gram metal.

Surf Fishing Venus Bay

Beach 5 also has a long gutter that is producing fish from the 1/2 rising tide.

Surf Fishing Venus Bay

Beach 3 has a gutter that runs down to south towards Beach 2. Great at low tide and even better as the tide peaks.

Surf Fishing Venus Bay

Surf poppers have produced good fish tipped with squid or a small piece of blue bait. You can expect double headers on a two hook paternoster rig.

Best baits are blue and white bait, squid strips and pilchard pieces  Also bring a variety of metal lures in blue bait and white bait patterns as well as your Halco silver spinners.

With a steady barometer reading and late tides, there will be salmon a plenty today and tomorrow before the change on Sunday.

Rug up and have fun!


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