Searching for Salmon Update 21st June 2016

16 Jun 2016

Land Based spinning for Salmon on Inlet beaches can be rewarding and there are times when you spin your ar** off for nought.

Don't expect the Australian Salmon to always move along the same sections of beach. As they are always following bait schools, they will be where the bait schools go.

When spinning, releasing berley can attract them towards the area you are fishing. The beginning of the run out tide is the best time as it suck out  into the deeper water.

Try some new spots. In Anderson Inlet, fish the low tide off the sand spit at the mouth of Screw Creek, Mahers Landing on a run in tide or at the Inverloch entrance where the channel runs inside the bar and across towards the Snags.

You never know umless you try. Boats are a good indicator as to the moving schools. They troll the main channels and will find the schools in different locations through out the main channels of the Inlet on subsequent days.

And the surf beaches can be very productive. Kilcunda, Williamson's and of course Venus Bay.

When fishing bait, remember poppers can be very useful when tipped with a srip of squid. The poppers work on a slow retrieve. And use your firmer baits such as bluebait and salted pilchards so as to survive the long casts and turbulent wash.

It is early in the season and the surf beaches will always produce salmon to 2 kg earlier than inside the Inlet .You can see in the photo (above) of  Venus Bay Beach 1at low tide, the perfect hole 100 metres left of the ramp. Working the edges of the hole and the gutters that form at the top of the tide will produce salmon. Beach 4 has a nice gutter running along the beach that is fishing well 2 hours each side of the high tide.

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Peter with a solid Australian Salmon spinning Metal Lures 40 gram Red/White Friday 17th June 2016.