Spring Fishing Highlights and Opportunities 29th October 2014

13 Oct 2014

The warmer weather patterns and the subsequent increase in water temperature has produced the first quality catches of Whiting and Pinkie Snapper in Anderson Inlet. 

The key areas to target whiting are.......the new lagoon that has formed inside the entrance at Point Norman , land-based behind the Yacht Club, the weed-beds east of the jetty, (both land-based and from a kayak), Stevies Gutter from boat and kayak and the shell bank out the front of the Inverloch Boat Hire. The best baits are live bass yabbies, beach worm, squid strips and pipi.

Behind the Yacht Club is the area to target calamari at this early pont in the season. Pearl squid jigs are the best to start with as they reperesent the bait fish colors.

Pinkie Snapper to 45cm are being taken after dark on an incoming tide from the Inverloch Jetty and also in the main channel from Mahers Landing through the Horseshoe. Best baits include pilchard pieces, US Squid and Saury. During the last Venus Bay Angling Club Competition, snapper to 2.4kg was the highlight as usually the Snapper of this size move into the Inlet after the Melbourne Cup week-end. Great signs of the fish to come.

Also in the Mahers Landing region, Australian Salmon are taking metal lures, Trevally to 1 kg are taking white-bait and pilchard pieces and good sized Gummy shark to 6 kg are responding to a berley trail of pilchard pieces. Best baits are fresh fish fillets and whole squid.

Flathead to 40cm are a good bi-catch along the Inlet Beaches with pilchard pieces being the pick of the baits on the run out tide as the sand flats drain back into the main channels.

In Screw Creek, Bream to 35cm are taking live bass yabbies and crabs while hard and soft lures are attracting school sized Estuary Perch.

On the incoming tide, large schools of mullet are moving up stream. The best baits are pilchard fillets, pipi and bread dough under a float. Berley will definately improve chances.

On the Venus Bay Surf Beaches, Salmon to 1.5 kg are the main target species whilst at night, great sized gummy shark to 8 kg are taking fresh trevally fillets on the run out tide.


Unfamiliar with the locations...down load our Land-based Fishing Guide or Kayak and Boat Fishing Guide from the links below.