Tarwin River Estuary Perch

12 Jun 2018

When you have the time and you enjoy sitting on the bank of the Tarwin River, a fish is a bonus! Sunrise or Sunset, it is a great place to park the chair and take in your thoughts, the scenery and what's for dinner.

Land based, targeting Estuary Perch is a challenge! And as I know, when one of the key elements are out of whack, you have a very enjoyable day chewing the fat. I could have done this, what if I did that, the bait shop sold me shit bait! Those new lures are for anglers not fish!

The key elements are;

  • High barometer reading is crucial, but steady and slightly rising is OK.
  • Prepare on the last of the incoming tide and fish the outgoing tide.
  • Overcast days are preferred, if not fish deeper in the drop offs into the main channel.
  • Solid rainfall will make them more active.
  • First and last light are your peak times.

So, I know an avid Tarwin River land based angler that has fished the area for the past 40 years. As you get into your mid seventies, you not so keen on casting lures or soft plastics. Pumping fresh bass yabbies is also not part of the equation. So frozen bait it is and the bait of choice and convenience is pilchards.

Last week we had gorgeous mid week weather prior to the Queens Birthday Weekend. So, as I said, when you have the time, enjoy the Tarwin River. But, after fishing for three days and not a fish, I can understand some frustration. A few expletives F** F***s S*** !!!! Where are the fish????? Fourth day, no better.

But persistence pays off and with a slight change of plan.

Moving down from the fishing platforms past to the rock wall, combined with a turning tide on sunrise and a solid rising barometer, finally the fish were hungry!

Five solid Estuary Perch, the largest being in excess of 55cm was returned and a couple of smaller fish were taken for dinner.

But, as the Estuary Perch have taught us, the next day is a different story. The barometer dropped and the turning tide was an hour later and guess what? Not a bite.

That is why they are the best fish to target, they teach us so much and a lot of it is about life...

PS Love the pink nail polish!