Upgrade your Hobie GT Drive to the MirageDrive 180 (with Reverse)

Hobie introduced the Mirage Drive 180 with 2017/18 Fleet of Kayaks. Forward and Reverse.

You can buy the 180 MirageDrive upgrade here.

All who have used the 180 Drive know the value of reverse while continuing to have all the great features the MirageDrive has.

Rod Bending's World is offering to all Hobie Kayak Owners with the GT Drive, an opportunity to upgrade their drive to the 180 Drive with Turbo Fins.

And your first question is how much?

Firstly, we will inspect of the drive, to ensure the good working order of the drums, idler pulley and shaft, chains and cables.

If all has been well maintained, the upgrade will cost will be $695. Otherwise, a quote will be provided for any additional components.

Or if you are handy you can purchase 180 MirageDrive upgrade kit and perform the upgrade yourself. Best to speak to us about whats involved. 

Considering the RRP of a new 180 MirageDrive with Turbo Fins is $1278, this is a great alternative.

Contact David on 0428637471 for further information or to book your drive in for the upgrade.