YakAttack Slim Line GearTrac In-Store now

15 Feb 2015

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Flexability is the key to fitting out kayaks for Fishing. On kayaks that have thin rails, such as the Revolution 11/13, the Adventure (now the Revolution 16), the Oasis Tandem and Island Series selecting postions to mount rod holders, fish finder mounts, camera mounts were dictated by hull design.

Rod Bending's has now imported the YakAttack GT 90 Slim Line Rails to suit these kayaks. These rails come in four sizes....4", 8", 12" and 16". Priced from $27.99, these rails will ensure you have the flexibility  with your fit-out and the ability to remove all fittings if your are car-topping your kayak.

Here are some photos of a recent fit-out on a Revolution 13.


Ram Fish Finder 3  Mount on the 4" Slim Line Rail Mount.

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Ram Tube Rod Holders mounted on the 8" Slimline Rail Mount.

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The flexibitity comes being able to completely change the configuration of the set up and add diferent fittings such as camera mounts, safety flags etc.

And if you chose to sell your kayak, you can remove all the fittings and keep them for your new kayak.