Hobie Outback Review

After the weekend, of unpacking the truck, and getting out the first 10 2015 model kayaks to our customers. We've decided to bring them down to the water, so that you can see a side-by-side comparison between 2014 and 2015. 

We're gonna start with the Outback. And, in the overall hull, exterior hull design, there isn't very much of a change. Where the main changes within the hull come is within the cockpit area, here, and obviously, you're all aware of the new CT seat. 

With the 2014 model, you had a fixed handle, and a webbed handle. On the new 2015, we now have two soft-gripped handles on the inside of the hull, which is perfectly balanced when you want to lift it up, and put it on to roof racks. 

Within the actual cockpit itself, the 2014 was heavily ribbed, for paddling, as well as peddling. In the 2015 model, very light ribbing along the sides, and a much bigger flatter area for you to stand. Also, in the 2014 model, it had a little storage pocket here. That has been removed to allow for the hull to be flatter, and now, you have two storage pockets either side. 

This is perfect for any of your soft plastics, and any other gear you want to carry. The Lowrance ready cable was set us up within the two wells on either side is now set up inside these two storage pockets, which allows for you to store your cables when the sand is not in use. 

Comfort? Well, that's what the CT seat is all about. You're now a lot higher and dryer, with many adjustments that can make you completely comfortable, and the other important thing about the seat being higher, too, is that it's a lot easier now to get up and stand if you want to do some casting. 

The seat can adjust forward, or back to get the right angle. You also have lumbar support at the back, so that you can create the right tension for your back support. Then, the CT seat has the ability to be raised up to a much higher level. 

So, similar with the Pro Angler series, you can now get up and really sight fish well, and while in the seat, by just changing your balance of your weight, you can drop it down to any of the four settings that are available. Okay. Just takes you a little bit of time to get used to getting your balance right when you're forward in the seat. 

We'll give it a stability test. I originally thought that being in the high position in both the Revolution and Outback youth, you would feel tippy, but we can see by the way we're rocking now that there's no worries at all with the stability in the upper position. Let's see how we go sitting sideways. 

See if we can access the rear hatch. Yeah, we can get in the cargo hold very well from this position. Even sitting sideways, everything is still rock solid stable. And, standing up. Cool. I believe that with this seat, as with the Pro Angler, your life jacket selection's gonna be very important. In the hard position, still comfortable to sit sideways. 

Put a fish nicely behind you. Just release the tension on the lumbar support, and in this life jacket, it's feeling comfortable. I'm definitely convinced that the glide technology on the Mirage jarred from the 2015 model. It's equally as good as what the old version of the Turbo fumes. 

I think if you're going to be using it in areas where you've got a lot of shallow ground, there may not be the need to upgrade, but I would suggest that if you're an Outback fisherman, using it with a friend that's got a Revo, maybe you go to the Turbo's just to keep up with him. 

When I was in the Revo, I quite liked having the seat raised. I felt that it was such an improvement in the action. Definitely don't feel it in the curves like you can do when you're actually sitting in the 2014 model. They say 10% more efficient. I think that's pretty conservative.

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