Hobie Single Pedal Kayak Range - Quick Look

The most compact kayak in the Hobie range is it is the Hobie Sport. Its best suited for trips up to 5 to 8 kilometres and you can launch this kayak from beaches,  boat ramps and river banks and we suggest that it's best suited for people up to 5 foot 8. 

The Hobie Revolution series of kayaks is all about speed, and it starts with the Revolution 11. The revo 11 is a nimble little kayak, awesome in rivers  and estuaries as well as light offshore conditions

It travels trips comfortably up to 10 kilometres again you can launch off rivers, boats ramps and beaches comfortably. 

The Hobie Outback is a real allrounder.  It can be used for recreation, and the many features enable you to fish very comfortably and possibly stand out of it.

Its suited to rivers, estuaries and sheltered parts of the bay.  In our opinion 5 to 10 kilometres is its range.  You can launch this kayaks comfortably in rivers, off boat ramps and beaches. 

The Hobie Revolution 13 is a slick kayak. It can suit someone who wants it as a straight recreational kayak, or being Lowrance ready you can add a fish finder and turn the Revo 13 into a capable fishing kayak. It's best-suited rivers,  estuaries and most offshore conditions. Launching from beaches boat ramps and riverbank are easy. 

 The Hobie Revolution 16 is your long range touring kayak.  It'st ideal for going offshore and is capable of trips of up to 30 kilometres plus.  

It's easy to launch of beaches, boat ramps and in river systems.  Be aware of it being 16 foot turning your kayak around in thin river system can be a challenge. But with the addition of the Mirage drive 180, you can now pedal backwards. 

It has a carrying capacity  of 159 kilos and can suit people up to about 6 foot 6 tall

After the success of the Pro Angler 14, the Hobie Pro Angler 12 was developed as a lighter stand up fishing kayak.  

It's suited to rivers,  estuaries and sheltered sections of the Bay. In our opinion, it travels trips 5 to 10 kilometres comfortably and is easy to launch of beaches boat ramps and river banks,

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 set the benchmark for stand up kayak fishing. Being a beamie kayak, you can stand up comfortably. With a large carrying capacity of 272 kg, you can carry heaps of fishing gear.  Or even camping gear if you want to do a weekend away. 

The Pro Angler 14 is suited to rivers estuaries and sheltered bays. It can handle trips from 5 to 10 kilometres. 

 The Hobie Adventure Island is the most complete sailing kayak in the Hobie range. Set it up and use it as it as a tri hull and out in blue water conditions or strip it back down to a 16 foot 8 kayak for paddling and peddling. 

You can use to the adventure island in any waterways, in fact, the bigger, the better to get the most out of the sailing this kayak.  The  Island will take you as far as your imagination and experience will allow. You can still beach launch it, and boat ramps will be easier than launching and rivers

Test drive

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