Hobie Sport Quick Look

The most compact kayak in the Hobie range, is the Mirage Sport. It's 9'7" long. It's best suited for trips up to 5 to 8 kilometers. You can launch this kayak off beaches, boat ramps and even river banks.

There's many great accessories that can go with the Hobie Sport, and they can include thick gear buckets, rod holders. You can even fit an anchor trolley for securing yourself, whether using a stake out pole, and anchor kit or a drift chute. Being Lowrance ready, you can add a fish finder.

The sport can carry up to 102 kilos total payload and we suggest that it's best suited for people to 5'8". As you can see on the 6-footer, and with the pedals at the full setting of 7, you can see I still don't have my legs into a really comfortable position. That's why we suggest 5'8".

Stability wise, the Sport is awesome. Holding the pedals in the middle, I can comfortably still sit sideways. I can access anything that I want to put in the back here or get out of here. With a little stretching of the groin muscles, I can still get forward into the front hatch.

Being such a light kayak, under 25 kilos, you can car-top it. You're able to load quite comfortably on to the roof racks, but If required, you can use a side loading bar.

All and all, the Sport is nimble, it's compact. If you want it to start your kayak adventures, whether it just be recreational fishing, this is a great kayak to start with.

Hobie Sport, great lightweight kayak. Any further questions, link them in the comments below and if you like our videos, give us the thumbs up and subscribe.

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