Buying your first Hobie Fishing Kayak


Buying your first Hobie Fishing Kayak

Kayak Fishing allows you to fish areas that cannot be accessed by boat or land. It also allows you to move quietly through shallow passages of water without spooking fish.

But to me, the most crucial elements to kayak fishing is being hands-free, comfortable and stable. To fish without having to use a paddle, how awesome is that!

This can be achieved by selecting a model from the Hobie Mirage Drive Series of Kayaks.

By completing our Kayak Buyers Guide, we will be able to select the correct kayak model that suits your needs. The right hull shape to suit the distances you wish to travel and the fish you wish to target, the best tackle storage solutions and the most suitable transporting and loading system. You can phone us on (03 56743322) or contact us by email us to discuss your personal kayak fishing needs.

And now there is custom fitting your kayak to suit your personal fishing preferences. Rod Holders, anchor trolley, anchoring systems, fish finders and GPS, safety accessories and fish storage just to name a few.

Rod Bending’s World specializes in custom Hobie Kayak custom fit-outs.

But, it all starts with a Test Drive on Anderson Inlet Inverloch. Bring your fishing rod and reel to experience why kayak fishing will expand the boundaries of your fishing adventures.

Book your demo today.