Buying your first Hobie Kayak


Buying your first Hobie Kayak

Taking on a new adventure sport is exciting! But where do I start?

With kayaking, I suggest you focus on these three questions;

  • What is your main purpose?
  • Where is the kayak going to be used?
  • Who is going to be using the kayak?

With this in mind, Rod Bending’s provides a Kayak Buyers Guide for you to download or fill in online. Your answers to these questions will assist us to help you select the suitable models from the Hobie kayak range that best suits your needs.

When you have finished filling in this Guide, you may wish to talk us either in-store or submit online.  (In-store to link to contact page)

Now the real fun starts in our Blue Water Office. You will now take a supervised test drive in the selected models on Anderson Inlet Inverloch. Anderson Inlet is a very suitable testing ground; tidal movement, sometimes wind and a bit of swell. But best of all is the magic of this waterway. You could be in any exotic location in the world.

Rod Bending’s has insurance cover and provides all the safety gear.

On the water, you will be able to compare the features and benefits of each Hobie Kayak. Included in your test drive, we will cover setting up, launching, loading, transporting, maintenance and storage. And if fishing is your passion, feel free to bring your favorite rod and reel.

We conduct test drives midweek and on Saturdays, but bookings are essential.

Book your test drive now. Call David on 0428637471 or fill out the contact form.