Hobie Revolution 16

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Is the Hobie Revolution 16 right for you? Our buyers guide can help you make the right choice.

Hobie Revolution 16

When you want to hit the open water or travel long distances, look no further than the Hobie Revolution 16.

Sleek, fast and stable for those adventures in the distance.

One great additional feature in the hull design is the provision for an after market drop in dagger board for additional piece of mind.

Start planning your trips!

Price: $4090
Crew: 1
Length: 16' / 4.88 m
Width: 27.5" / .7 m
Capacity: 350 lb / 159 kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 75.5 lb / 34 kg
Fully Rigged Weight: 92 lb / 42 kg
Color Options:

Can you car top a Hobie Revolution 16?

Although is a 16ft kayak the Hobie revolution can be car topped. In this video we talk you through loading the kayak onto a 4wd using the rhino side loader


Is the Hobie revolution 16 right for you?

Test drive the Hobie Revolution 16

Our on water test drive days are done on Andersons Inlet, Inverloch. Click the button below to book your Hobie Revolution 16 test drive today.